There's A Carrot In My Piñata

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Over forty scrumptious recipes set within a range of party themes that kick those typically sugar-packed, unhealthy party foods well away from your celebration.

There's a Carrot in my Piñata presents fun party food that is stripped back, free from artificial ingredients, and turned into delicious nutritious alternatives that make our little ones smile inside and out.

From the team who wrote this book:

There is no denying that our little ones have far better social lives than we do these days! These celebrations are big highlights on the family calendar (which MUST be written in gold glitter pen, circled in pink, and the remaining number of sleeps calculated). Of course, we can understand why there is such excitement – it’s an opportunity to dust off our best party pants and spend time with our favorite people, great music, games, and a fabulous array of food.

Nonetheless, during the party hopping we have found ourselves secretly hoping that the next party spread will include something a teeny bit nutritious. We hope too that our little darlings will listen to our gentle (and perhaps rather optimistic) suggestion of choosing the veggie sticks and hummus over the rainbow coloured cupcake without throwing themselves onto the floor and going into ‘meltdown’ mode.

So, when it’s our turn to dig out the balloons and party hats, we may feel that there’s an expectation of kids (and often their parents too) to serve up the usual sugary treats because that’s just what we do at parties, right? And we may not always be party planning with the luxury of time or a large budget.

We hope to inspire you to try something a little different when you celebrate those special moments. Nutritional party food doesn’t have to cost the earth or involve hours slaving in the kitchen.

Of course we couldn’t write a party recipe book without including the big celebrations – Christmas, Easter, Halloween – but we have also presented a range of themes to suit any occasion.

Now, let’s get this party started!

Hardcover. 190mm x 230mm. 92 pages. 40 recipes.

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