Iberluffa Organic Luffa for Baby

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This super soft sponge is suitable for the most sensitive and delicate type of skin making it perfect for everyone in the family including your most precious family member.

The Iberluffa sponges are organically grown in Galicia (North West of Spain) in spray free plantations. The sponges are 100% hand crafted and treated with natural geothermal springs in the Thermal Village of Caldas de Reis. This treatment makes them mould resistant and provides them with therapeutic properties helping also to preserve the high natural content of Cucurbitacin C

All this is wrapped up in some stunning Art House Project packaging.  This innovative packaging that is 100% NZ made and designed to approach the ART of international artist to the kids in a very enjoyable way. The luffa house-shaped box it is at the same time a toy to play with, to colour in, to collect, to decorate, to hide little treasures in it (as a money box), etc. The box is 100% biodegradable as well as the sponge which is home compostable. The packaging comes with a little booklet that explains what the housebox is about and what to do with it and what is the sponge and how to use it as this can be used for either baby bath time or for nappy change time (replacing single use disposable wipes).

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