Poppet Snuggle Bunny Sleep Toy for babies and toddlers

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Meet Poppet - 100% cotton Snuggle buddy for the little one in your life.

Poppet has knotted arms and legs.

Available in Grey, Mint, Pink, Trees and Hearts with Flowers - if a colour does not appear in the drop down box it is currently out of stock, please contact us for any stock queries. Please note that the new colour Grey Arrows added is for fabric only - the picture is of Pippin with Velcro Arms.

Tips and Recommendations

Due to their size we don't recommend Pippin or Poppet Snugglebunny to be left with your little one if they are unable to safely maneuver it away when they need to. This can be approx 7 to 8mths of age but can vary greatly from child to child. Some may be able to start earlier whilst others may have to wait till 9mths or so depending on their development. You know your baby best so please use your own initiative on this. If you have any doubts or concerns then start by putting your snugglebunny on the cot bars where bubba can see them (out of reach and nice and safe of course) until you are 100% happy to leave them together unsupervised. Just seeing snugglebunny can sometimes help give bubs the security they need to drift back off to sleep. A top tip that we have tried is to wear your snugglebunny close to you for a day or so (maybe have a wee nap with them yourself) so that they absorb your mummy scent. Being 100% cotton sungglebunny will do this well and it can help bubs and snugglebunny bond, and also aid with bubs settling if it smells as yummy as their mummy. You could also try popping snuggle bunny between you and bubs when breastfeeding and all have bonding snuggles. f you have purchased your Snugglebunny for a little one that is not yet able to safely maneuver it when needed then please be sure to not leave them together unsupervised (who knows what mischief they'll get up to). Instead let them play together, chew, suck and get to know their little buddy with you around, and before you know it they will be inseparable.

And lastly but very importantly - a fully swaddled baby should never be left with any sort of comforter even one as cute as a snugglebunny. If your baby is fully swaddled ie: they cannot move their arms or grip things in their hands - then just try securing your Snugglebunny to the cot bars at night until they are able to safely hold on to each other.

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