Sometimes at Christmas it’s hard to feel Jolly!

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The festive season is here and suddenly your list of jobs has exploded.

Presents to buy
Presents to wrap
Food to organise
Decorations to put up
Cards to write
Making the spare bed up for auntie Flo…….

All on top of your normal load of things to do:

Kids school runs
End of year events
Cats to the vet
Dogs to be wormed
Lawns to be mowed
Baking to be done......

It’s no wonder we don’t feel very ‘jolly’ in the lead up to Christmas, with all this and the mental load that is always weighing on you.

Christmas is supposed to be a fun, happy time filled with family, love, and the making of beautiful memories. But when we pile so much on our plates (and I don’t mean Christmas Dinner) we are in the danger zone of burning out before the festivities even start.

We need to stop – take a deep breath and be honest with ourselves.
Do all the neighbours really need cookies for Christmas??
Are my kids really going to eat 12 courses for Christmas dinner??
Does Santa really care if the dusting is not done??

Aaaaand Nope!

Realistically all our friends, family (and neighbours) want is for us to be happy and present. The best gift that we can give everyone (especially ourselves) is to be truly there on Christmas day and to be able to relax and enjoy it without being overwhelmed and exhausted.

So how do we achieve this?? Well, here are a few things to try to make this a less stressful, and more Jolly Christmas this year.

*Go through your giant list of “xmas things to do” and cross off anything that is unnecessary (like those cookies for the Neighbours, a simple Merry Xmas and chat would probably go down just as well)
*Don’t go toooo overboard with the prezzys – think honestly about how many toys the kids really need and will play with. This will help not only the stress levels but the pocket as well.
*if there are any foods that can be prepared ahead, then do it – meringues, Christmas cake/pudding, cooked ham (if you like it cold like us) stuffing, and much much more. This will make Christmas day Lunch/Dinner less time in the kitchen and more time with the family.
*Going away for Christmas – plan ahead, pack ahead and leave with plenty of time in hand. And drive safe peeps!
*Take some time for yourself – now this is a hard one I know, but it’s so worth it. Get your nails done, or eyebrows. Do some late night Christmas shopping while Hubby watches the kids. Organise a play date for the kids and catch up with a friend for coffee, or simply read a book. Whatever your jam is schedule some time for you to do it. Call it your Christmas present to yourself!

So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing these holidays remember to be kind to yourself.

Look after yourself.

It’s not selfish – it’s necessary!

Lots of love and kind wishes for you all from my family to yours.

Xoxox Karyn, Brian, Lexi, and Cassie.

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