Is Bath Time With Your Children Kalm Or K’otic?

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Is bath time with your children Kalm or K’otic?

If it’s calm – lucky you, please tell us your secret!

If it’s chaotic – we have a secret of our own for you: add Epsom salt to the bath.

Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulphur, both of which are needed by our bodies, and both of which it is easy to be lacking in. They are easily absorbed by our skin, and distributed to the cells that need them.

How do these minerals help bath time (and the bedtime routine that usually follows) be calmer? Some of their benefits include:

· Improving sleep
· Relieving muscle cramps and growing pains
· Helping muscles and nerves function properly
· Improving absorption of nutrients
· Detoxing the body
· Improving gut health
· Calming the nervous system

Parents of children with autism (where low sulphate levels can be an issue) often use Epsom salt baths to aid the detoxification pathway in the gut, which has a knock on calming effect, but all children can benefit from adding Epsom salt to their evening bath.

It’s best to start with a small amount, such as a tablespoon per bath for babies and toddlers. Older children can start with a quarter cup. For adults (yes, we especially need to have relaxing Epsom salt baths!) a cupful is recommended, and try to stay in for a good 20 minute soak (ie once the children are fast asleep!). Make sure the water is warm, not too hot, so you absorb the minerals, rather than sweat.

We recommend using BLANTs NZ Epsom salts because they have been independently tested to very high standards, and contain no additives or fragrances, making them suitable for young (and not so young!) skin. If you’d like to add some aroma to your bath, try a few drops of essential oil – lavender is great for relaxation. And enjoy a Kalm bathing experience, relaxed muscles and mind, and a better night’s sleep.

NB – even though our salts are natural, try to not let your children ‘drink’ the bath water – magnesium works as a laxative when taken internally. And THAT won’t give you a relaxing evening!

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