Have You Heard Of Magnesium Oil??

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A little while back we posted about adding Epsom salt to your child’s bath to help them relax and get to sleep. But what if you don’t have a bath? Or your kids don’t want a bath? Or (more to the point), you haven’t got the time or patience to give them a bath tonight?

Have you heard of magnesium oil? It’s the quickest, easiest way to increase body magnesium levels. 

Why should you want to increase magnesium levels? Here are just some of the things that magnesium is important for:

· Improving absorption of nutrients
· Flushing toxins from the body
· Regulating the activity of over 300 enzymes
· Helping muscles and nerves function properly
· Improving sleep and concentration
· Heart health
· Making insulin more effective

It’s thought that up to 80% of us are deficient in magnesium, due to factors like:

· Our soil is now deficient in magnesium due to modern farming methods.
· If soil has no magnesium, the plants we eat have no magnesium.
· The processing of food destroys much of the available magnesium.
· Certain foods and drinks (eg tea and soy) block magnesium absorption.
· Fizzy drinks and sugary foods use up our magnesium supply.
· Physical and emotional stress deplete our magnesium stores rapidly.

How do you know if you’re deficient? Blood tests aren’t great at showing you. The best thing to do is increase the amount of magnesium you and your children take, and see what improvements occur. Maybe you get to sleep a little easier; maybe the children aren’t quite so crazily active and, if they are, you find you respond more calmly, less irritably; you might feel less tension in your neck and shoulders; asthma symptoms might be dampened; cramping and restless legs might disappear (just the symptoms, not the actual legs!), brain fog can lift, and mood improve. 

Magnesium tablets are notoriously large and difficult to swallow, even for adults, and most of what you take internally is lost to your digestive acids anyway. Which takes us back to magnesium oil. It’s not really an oil; you won’t be pouring it over your salads. Or ingesting it in any form in fact! It’s a solution of magnesium chloride and distilled water. You rub it into your skin, where it is absorbed and gets to work where it’s needed, at a cellular level.

It’s easy to add magnesium oil to your child’s evening routine: when they’re in bed, squirt 2-4 sprays of the oil into your cupped hands, then massage into the soles of their feet. It’s nice to do this with some of their usual moisturiser, as constant use of the oil can be drying, and can tingle sensitive skin. And for those of you with older children too, top tip – this is a great way to bond with your child (you know, for when they’re in one of those funny moods where they don’t want to speak to you, let alone look at you) – loving touch is a powerful thing. And, of course, don’t forget yourself – 8 sprays onto the soles of your feet at bedtime will give you 100mg of elemental magnesium. And 100s of benefits!


To get your hands of some Magnesium Oil head to: http://www.blants.co.nz/magnesium-oil

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